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The Good News Review is a (non - profit) musical  & comedy show that combines classic and current gospel music with  family friendly Christian humor.  Kirk and Nicole Tracy present a fun,  high energy, interactive, variety gospel show that your congregation  will love.


Kirk and Nicole Tracy

 Kirk and Nicole Tracy have been performing music and comedy together for  over twenty years.  They have performed as an opening act for countless  household names throughout the years such as Sha Na Na, The Drifters,  The Spinners, B.J. Thomas, Gary Pucket and the Union Gap, Al Martino,  Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Fifth Dimension, The Orleans, Peter  Noone (of Herman's Hermits), Davy Jones (of The Monkeys) and The  Coasters.  They created The Good News Review to combine their love of  performing with their love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


January 8th, 2018

 Last Friday and Saturday Nicole and I went  to prison.  While we were in the Tucson area performing our gospel show  (The Good News Review) we took the show to The United States  Penitentiary of Tucson and The Federal Correctional Institution of  Tucson.  We both felt very strongly that if we were going to take our  gospel show on the road then we needed to take it to the prisons.  This  conviction wasn't a very comfortable one.  Neither one of us has ever  served time, so needless to say when those steel doors closed behind us  and we were on our way to the prison chapel I for one was dealing with  some pretty heavy anxiety.  One observation that I made that was  sobering was the fact that everyone had bullet proof vests on except us  and the prisoners.   

Although, once we reached the chapel  everything changed.  We were introduced to a group of guys who were  ready for some gospel music and some Christian fellowship.  We performed  our show and were completely overwhelmed as they stood in line to talk  with us and share their stories. We hugged and prayed with them.  It was  incredible. So many of the prisoners told us about finding Christ after  incarceration and how fulfilled they were serving the Lord and working  for the prison chapel.

As we were leaving the chapel and walking  through the yard toward the exit our host from religious services  explained to us that this was a maximum security facility and that most  of the prisoners were serving life sentences.  This was overwhelming to  say the least since we felt we were in a safe place being treated with  love and respect by fellow believers.  

To come home last night  and open an email from the mother of a convict who was thanking us for  visiting her son and bringing the gospel to the prison was awesome.  If  anyone is reading this who was thought about a prison ministry or a  prison volunteer it!  Not only do the prisoners need to  be reminded that they are forgiven, loved and still a part of society,  but the prison guards and all of the prison workers appreciate the  volunteers doing what they do to keep the inmates moral at a place where  doing their job is something they can do with ease.  

Nicole and  I would like to thank all of you who have encouraged and supported us.   Performing The Good News Review in churches and in these prison  facilities is the most fulfilling thing we have ever done together and  we know we are on the right path.  We feel humbled and honored to bring  these great songs of faith to anyone who wants and needs to hear them.   In turn, we are also having the time of our lives!  Playing these songs  and performing this show has been simply awesome.  Thanks again for your  love, support and encouragement.